Do Not Seek Conscious Love or Healthy Attachment Where There Isn’t Any.

Part of learning to care for ourselves means not searching for something where we’ve already determined it doesn’t exist. Not returning to the same person or situation time after time expecting a different result.

Others are constantly telling us who they are and what they value……not just through their words, but through their actions, how they treat others and how they show up in the world. And it’s our job to listen to them, instead of arguing with them about who they are (**hot tip: this often doesn’t look like an argument on the surface…’s usually more passive aggressive and goes under the guise of “hope” for change or love).

We all deserve to be met by people and situations that are in alignment with who we are. The tricky part about this is that being truly met will only happen once we get to a place where we honestly believe that we’re worthy of it.

Check in with yourself: what people or situations in your life aren’t serving you? And if you can’t remove them from your life, can you renegotiate your relationship with them so that it reflects the reality of the person/situation, instead of the delusion you may be attached to?